Tsumugi Wooden Bowl - Sensai, Black


This Tsumugi bowl comes from the Yamanaka Prefecture in Japan, an area known for woodworking and lacquering that is part of a 400 year old tradition. Made from the prized Zelkova tree, these pieces take on a gloss when they they are polished, the burnishing process exposing the decorative grain of the wood.

Traditionally used for soups, noodles and rice dishes this bowl can also be used as a display piece in the living room. Made from a woodworking house founded in 1908, this hand-turned bowl is rich in Japanese craftsmanship and tradition.

Materials: Zelkova Wood, lacquer

Diameter: 10.8cm /  4.25 inches
Height: 7.62cm / 3 inches

Care instructions: Hand-wash with mild soap. Not microwave or dishwasher safe.

Origin: Made in the Yamanaka Prefecture, Japan

About the brand: Morihata International embraces Japanese craftsmanship for its high quality design, functional superiority, and pieces that are steeped in tradition. Their curated collection showcase the best of Japanese products to a global market.