Tohaku Medium, box of 2 candles


Named after the a Japanese painter, Tohaku Hasegawa, from Nanao City, this candle is an homage to his most famous work 'The Pine Trees Screen' (pictured below) which, is designated as a national treasure. The simple shape is inspired by the pine tree in his painting. 

Material: Candle wax made from Sumac berries, rice bran and rapseed flower oil, and the wick is made from dried rush and washi-paper.

Burn time: 130 minutes
Height: 11cm / 4.3 inches 
Width: 2cm / 0.7 inches
Care instructions: Burn on a stable, safe candle stand. Do not leave flame unattended and keep out of reach of children

Origin: Made in Japan

About the brand: Since 1892, Takazawa Candles have been mastering the art of plant based candle making inspired by the nature of Japan. Each candle is made by hand, one at a time, to ensure a steady burn and the highest quality. We take great pride in bringing expertise of our craft into the atmosphere of homes in Japan and all around the world. Takazawa prides itself on living and working in harmony with its natural surroundings.