Rinka Flower plate by Kaneko Kohyo


These Rinka 'Flower' plates by Kaneko Kohyo are sure to make your guests smile with their scalloped rim which resembles the petals of a flower. 

They have a handmade, rustic quality with the refined texture of porcelain clay.

Perfect for condiments, entrees or side dishes, these plates add personality to any table setting. 

The Flower Plate series has been embraced by iconic International stores such as Liberty London, Mr Porter and Goop.

Diameter 15.5 cm  
Height: 2.7 cm

Materials: Food safe, lead-free glazed clay

Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Origin: Made in the Mino Province in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan

About the brand: 
Kaneko Kohyo ceramics has been producing ceramics since 1921, with it's kilns located in the mountains above Toki City, Gifu.

The Gifu Prefecture produces Mino ware, an eclectic style of ceramics which produces half of the ceramics coming out of Japan. The region has an artisan tradition spanning more than a thousand years.