Nift Brushes (mixed sizes), Normann Copenhagen

The Nift brushes are a charming reminder of a world before plastic. The Oak wood and natural  bristles also add enjoyment to the daily rituals of cleaning vegetables, and brushing clothes. The hole in the handle gives you the option to hang them up, but also adds personality - it's impossible not to view it as an eye, turning them into household characters.

The largest Nift brush has soft bristles and is ideal as a clothes brush or for dry brushing your body, while the medium-sized Nift with hard bristles is perfect in the kitchen for cleaning root vegetables or as a shoe brush. The smallest Nift brush, with its soft bristles, can be used for careful cleaning of mushrooms or cleaning keyboards and other small items around the home.


Material: Oak with natural bristles. Light bristles are Tampico.
Dark bristles are horse hair.

Small brush: H: 8 x W: 3.5 x D: 7 cm / H: 3.1 x W: 1.3 x D: 2.7 inches

Medium brush:
H: 10 x W: 7 x D: 3.5 cm / H : 3.9 x W: 2.7 x D: 1.3  inches

Large brush: H: 15 x W: 5 x D: 6 cm / H: 5.6 x W: 2 x D: 2.3 inches

Care instructions: Clean with a damp cloth. Not suitable for the dishwasher.

Origin: Denmark

About the brand: Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company whose mission is to create superior design products that stand the test of time. Launching in 1999 with the iconic Norm 69 lamp, their product range has now expanded to furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories. They distribute their products world wide and have won over 80 design awards.