Knob Mini Compote vase


This Knob Mini Compote vase is an Ikebana style vase that allows your blooms to stand tall so you can admire the stem's form as well as the bloom. It's made in Japan as part of the Shigaraki Ware tradition, which is located near Kyoto and Nara. 

Shigaraki is one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns and the pottery style has been around since the thirteenth century. 

Package: Cardboard box

9.5 x 11x 5cm
Box 11x 10.5 x 8.8cm

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

Origin: Japan, 

About the designer: Awasaka is a pottery manufacturer that uses techniques that have been evolving for 1300 years. They were awarded the "Traditional Crafts" certification from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan on July 22, 1978.