HITO Eau de Parfum roll on


Not content to be carbon neutral, WA:IT is a net carbon negative beauty brand.

The HITO perfume labels are made from  algae biowaste  from the Venice lagoon.

The glass bottles and the wooden caps, which are made it Italy, are fully recyclable and the boxes are FSC certified, meaning that the pulps used are all from managed forests.

The fragrance is made from natural essential oils extracted from plants through steam distillation, while the  absolutes are obtained from the flowers petals using the enfleurage technique. All the raw materials are strictly selected and the supply chain is certified.

Sicilian Citruses
A Mix of Green Notes
Izumi Black Tea
Cherry Tree
White Musk

Size:  10ml (0. 34 fl.oz)

Origin: Italy

About the brand: 
WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures – Japanese and Italian, an embodiment of a duality of a beauty, where the perception might differ, but the appreciation and importance are the same. From the Italian side, beauty is about life and warmth; it blooms and flourishes like all living in the summer. There is this wave of joy that conquers us when we sit by a breathtaking Italian seaside, thinking, reflecting, feeling, and gaining new force to start the creation process.

While when in Japan, we cherish things because they cannot last. Just as in nature, seasons change, something is wakened, and something falls asleep. There is this unexpected pleasure in sitting still in the sacred Japanese temple, waiting, smelling, feeling, and falling in love with the world and everything in it.

The brand name ‘WA:IT’ and logo encapsulates the duality of a meaning – Japanese symbol ‘wa’ that signifies peace and harmony and is a window towards the world and a new way of seeing the beauty of life; and ‘it’ that refers to the Italian love and joy of the beauty of the moment that is attainable.