Eva H necklace terracotta by Anna-Lisa Backlund


Loosley inspired by the work of Eva Hesse, these terracotta3D printed beads have been painted and lacquered with enamel. For contrast they've been mixed together with wooden and brass beads.

Material: 3D printed, agate and brass beads

Total length from end to end of the necklace: 94cm / 37 inches.
Hanging length from neck 47cm / 18.5 inches.
(sits between the bottom of the rib cage and belly button)

Care instructions: Brass can be polished with lemon juice or any brass polishing products. 

Origin: Handmade in Australia

About the designer: Anna-Lisa Backlund is a graphic designer and style editor. Her  day job includes researching accessories and homewares with a particular focus on Australian design. She loves exploring all types of accessories, and gets just as excited about costume jewellery as she does about craft and contemporary hand-made jewellery.

Trained in electronic art and ceramics, Anna-Lisa also spends time making objects such as beads and vases, using a home 3D printer as well as hand-made processes. She is always on the lookout for new technologies and materials. A strong influence is contemporary art, architecture and interior design.