Form I3 Earring by Phoebe Joel


Instead of purchasing a pair of earrings, this statement FORM 13 design is sold as a single piece which resembles a kinetic sculpture rather than your average hoop. Based between Sydney and New York, Phoebe Joel makes unisex jewellery inspired by modernist architecture and minimalist art.

Material: Sterling silver or 18K gold plated sterling silver

H: 160mm  x W:50mm   
H: 6.2  x W: 1.9 inches

Care instructions:
SILVER: To remove tarnish, use baking soda and water or toothpaste. Wipe with a soft cloth using warm soapy water when needed. 
GOLD PLATED JEWELLERY: Do not wear in the shower or swimming and avoid using a polishing cloth as  it will remove the gold. If needed soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes then clean with a soft cloth.

Origin: Designed in Australia

About the designer:
Phoebe Joel is a sound therapist as well as a jeweller, who uses Tibetan singing bowls to create vibrations that relieve pain and stress. In the same way that sound fields can be represented through geometry, she brings a similar sense of repetition, rhythm and pattern to her jewellery making practice.