Beunos Diya Oil Lamp, Casegoods Design


The Beunos Diya Oil Lamp is a traditional lantern with a contemporary twist. The designers at Case Goods used clean spherical lines with a circular rim, taking a mimimalist approach to an often decorative object.

You can either purchase a box of 4 small diya lamps or a box of two large diya lamps.

In India, *diya lamps are used in festivals, temples and home worship to represent purity and wisdom, and to remind us that darkness disappears into light. With such regular use in Indian culture, a diya lamp is the most waste free way of burning a ceremonial flame.

How to light a diya: A wick is placed in either vegetable oil, coconut oil or gee and lit. If you're unsure about how to light a diya there's a video here. Both the small and large DIya's also fit tea light candles. 

Safety instructions: The bowl may become very hot when in use, so burn on a heat resistant surface and never leave flame unattended.

Material: Raw brass with a polished rim

Small diya (sold in a box of 4)
Size 6.8cm / 2.5 inches
Height: 3.2cm / 4 inches 

Large diya
(sold in a box of 2)
Width: 5cm / 2 inches
Height: 2.5cm / 1 inches 

Care instructions: 
Brass can be polished with lemon juice or any brass cleaners to reduce tarnish

Origin: Mumbai, India

About the designers: Cases Goods started out as the studio arm of Case Design, an architectural firm. Located in the cultural centre of Mumbai, India they have access to a wide variety of materials and artisans. Many of the craftspeople they work are family businesses using traditional skills that go back more than 40 generations. 

Designers from the Case Goods team responsible for the Beunos Diya Oil LampSamuel Barclay, Kenneth Rodrigues, Tanay Kandpal.