Youhen Ibushi Matcha Bowl, Dark Silver


Made for a tea ceremony, the size of this Youhen Ibushi Matcha Bowl is designed for whisking a smooth matcha tea, but it's also large enough to use as a dessert or breakfast bowl.

Crafted in one of Japan’s six prominent pottery regions, it comes from the Shigaraki ware ceramic tradition that has been around since 742AD.

The ‘cave kiln’ firing technique results in an ash and mineral glaze with the occasional quartz texture. As a result, each pieces surface is slightly different. Bowls from this batch have quite a textured metallic surface.

Height: 7.62cm / 3 inches 
Diameter: 11.43cm / 4.5 inches

Materials: Food safe, lead-free glazed clay
Care instructions: Hand wash only, dry immediately.

Origin: Made in the Shiga Prefecture, Japan

About the brand: Morihata International embraces Japanese craftsmanship for its high quality design, functional superiority, and pieces that are steeped in tradition. Their curated collection showcase the best of Japanese products to a global market.