Pink Ombre plate


These pink ombre plates are part of the 'Mino Ware Flower Plate' series made in the Gifu precinct of Japan. The clay used is porcelian giving it a fine, smooth finish, fitting for it's ombre glaze. 

They have been quality tested, however the production process of the pottery, kiln firing and glazing does result in phenomena such as iron powder, unevenness, and distortion, which is often considered a celebration of the process in Japanese ceramics

Diameter 23 cm  
Height: 3.2 cm

Materials: Food safe, lead-free glazed clay
Care instructions: Dishwasher and microwave safe

Origin: Made in the Mino Province in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan

About the brand: 
Cierto Ceramics produce Mino ware, a style of ceramics made in the Mino Province in the Gifu Prefecture which produces half of the ceramics coming out of Japan. The region has an artisan tradition spanning more than a thousand years. An important event in the ceramics community is the 'International Ceramics Festival Mino', which is held every three years.