Distilled Spirit Cup Dessert Cup Mino Ware


When you pull out the gourmet ice cream at your next dinner party these bowls are perfect for the guest who says 'just one scoop for me thanks'.

For less disciplined guests they're great for a generous pour of dessert wine or spirits.

Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, they come in three muted glazes of black, white and grey, all presented in a cute gift box

Height: 7.5 cm
Diameter 8.8cm  
Volume: 240 ml 

Materials: Food safe, lead-free glazed clay
Care instructions: Hand wash only, dry immediately.

Origin: Made in the Mino Province in the Gifu Prefecture, Japan

About the brand: 
Shikika Ceramics produce Mino ware, a style of ceramics made in the Mino Province in the Gifu Prefecture which produces half of the ceramics coming out of Japan. The region has an artisan tradition spanning more than a thousand years. An important event in the ceramics community is the 'International Ceramics Festival Mino', which is held every three years.