Pebble Cheese Collection, various utensils, Normann Copenhagen


Serving tools for turophiles*, the Pebble collection has a dedicated utensil for different styles of cheese. There's a knife for soft cheeses, a plane for hard cheeses, a slicer for medium cheeses, as well as a cheese fork which can also be used for olives and other nibbles. (*turophile - a connoisseur of cheese. )

Designer Simon Legald, an expert in functional design, has refined each utensil for precision in use. He's also used an elegant aesthetic that is respectful of the most sublime cheese tasting moments.

Each utensil is purchased separately, but for serious cheese aficionados, the whole set is recommended.

Material: Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coating, Silicone Handles

Cheese planeH: 20 x L: 7,4 x D: 2 cm
Cheese knife:
H: 23:7 x L: 1:4 x D: 1:4 cm
Cheese slicer: H: 23:7 x L: 1:4 x D: 1:4 cm
Cheese fork: H: 21:7 x L: 1:4 x D: 1:4 cm

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe
Origin: Denmark

About the brand: Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company whose mission is to create superior design products that stand the test of time. Launching in 1999 with the iconic Norm 69 lamp, their product range has now expanded to furniture, lighting, textiles and home accessories. They distribute their products world wide and have won over 80 design awards.